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Learn and Master The Guitar

If you want to learn and master the guitar, learn to play guitar, or just jam, and are genuinely interested in the music world then please look no further. I have compiled a list of the top few products on the internet which I believe are the most beneficial for learning how to play the guitar. My ratings are based on a number of factors. These factors include support for the product, the ease of learning, how helpful the lessons are, and the skill level the guitar course is designed for. Whatever your needs are for learning the guitar, I feel there is something for everyone here. Again, for more information, please visit the sites I have listed.

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Learn and Master Guitar

Programs and Software: Learn and Master Guitar Course

If you want great guitar lessons, this program is for you. Whether you are a classical, beginner, advanced, or intermediate guitar player, this program is for you. Not only does it show you how to teach yourself the guitar, it comes packed with jam-along cds, dvds, and professional instruction. If you are looking for an "EZ play along" package, you need to check this out. Nobody wants to sit in front of a computer all the time. The workbook that comes with this DVD learning kit, has all you need to know about learning the guitar.

Rating: 5 Stars
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Jamorama: Insider Secrets to Playing Guitar

Programs and Software: Jamorama

Ben Edwards is the teacher of this product. Jamorama has 64 new video examples and exercises. That makes 148 videos total, that perfectly compliment the 5 exclusive computer games and electronic books that come in the Jamorama learning kit. The learning aids and enjoyable games will make the drudgery of trying to learn, exciting. The program is a great asset for any kind of guitar player, new or experienced.

Rating: 5 Stars
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Unlock The Guitar

Programs and Software: Unlock The Guitar

Unlock the Guitar has a clear, easy to follow guide that will teach you how to play guitar. The program will get you playing in as little as three days. The course is geared towards beginners, whereas my top choice, is geared for beginners, but also has lessons for when you improve. However, this program will keep you focused on learning the basics so you can start playing the songs you want too. Universal Marketing Media is the company which brings this product to the table. They are dedicated to great customer service and customer support.

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Guitar Tutor Pro

Programs and Software: Guitar Tutor Pro

The Mastering Guitar course includes 3 high quality ebooks, each with pictures and professionally transcribed notation. You will have no problem following along with this guitar course. It also includes over 400 audio files and over 300 exercises. That is a ton of information to learn from. However, this course is not as exciting or creative as my top choice. A good introduction to guitar is what you are going to get with this package. If you have never played a note before, this may be right for you. However if you are interested in a package that will take your learning into the future, I suggest one of my top 2 choices, you won't be sorry you did.

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I promise you, with my top product choice for learning the guitar, you will discover how to read music. That's right, if you want to learn to play guitar, recognize chord shapes, and how to transcribe songs from the radio, this is for you. Have fun doing it too, simply by playing the easy and enjoyable software games. Thousands of folks around the world, just like yourself, have used this course to vastly improve their guitar playing skills. Many others have also learned to play the guitar from it. What are you waiting for?

What Some People Are Saying About My Top Choice...

"...I should have found this a long time ago, thank you"
-- Matt Dunaway, USA

"...It is even better than I imagined. I'm so glad to see it wasn't all just hype... I'm going to recommend it to lots of people!"
-- Ian Matheson, Seattle

Hey - I just wanted to say thank-you for the course on playing guitar. This has really come in handy over the last couple of weeks. All the information is great. I've been playing the guitar for almost a year and a half ( I wish I had this information sooner!!). Thanks again, you guys rock!"
-- Eliza Austin

Other products created by Legacy Learning Systems include: Learn and Master Piano, Learn And Master Drums, Learn And Master Ballroom Dance, as well as Learn And Master Painting.

Why wouldn't you want to learn how to play acoustic guitar though? Heck, it is one of the most interesting and entertaining musical instruments ever created. Do you know people think very highly of those who can play a musical instrument? I bet, out of all your friends, (unless they are music junkies) that less than a handful of them can play any kind of musical instrument well. Now just think how your status would change if everyone knew you could rock out on the guitar?

So what are your goals then? Why do you want to learn to play guitar? Whatever your motive is, you have everything you need on this website. Did you know that my top choice for learning the guitar has twenty six tracks to play along with? It contains a variety of musical taste as well. You will get a little rock, jazz, hip hop, country, and more. Your skills will go through the roof with this course, guaranteed.

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