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Guitar Chord Charts

Easy Guitar Chords

We are going to look at some simple guitar chord charts. Guitarists use a wide variety of chords to make riffs or progressions. These riffs can then be turned into songs. If you are not familiar with these terms that is alright. I don't expect you to be an expert just yet. In time, we will cover all the basics. For now, let us learn more about chords.

A chord is agreed upon to be a combination of at least three or more notes played together. I think most guitarists will agree upon this. To examine what I mean by this, we are going to look at a couple guitar chord charts. Chord diagrams are used to show you how a chord is played. They are a great tool of learning because they look very much like the neck of the guitar. In fact, the following chart is an actual guitar neck. Take note of the key features here, including the fret board. Do you see the kind of chart Jamorama uses? It is a much better way to learn guitar. Click here to visit them now.

Guitar Chord Charts

As I said above, the charts used are actual pictures of the guitar neck. This makes it easy to distinguish the connection between fingering and strings. Diagram of a HandI want you to know the other chart as well though, in case you would like to write or practice your chord writing at home. So now that you have the grasp of what a guitar neck is, looks like, and how a chord diagram looks like, we are going to go back to something I said earlier. Symbols are added to the diagrams to help you understand where the fingers should go. These are the fingers used to make the chord. Take a look at your fingers first so you know which ones to use. Notice the diagram to the right here.

Ok, now we are going to look at a full chord diagram. For this example we are going to use the A major chord. The A major chord is used because it is an easy chord to learn. It is also one of the foundations to any guitar playing. The A major chord diagram tells us that this particular chord uses the fingers one, two, and three. I want you to take note of how this diagram looks. You will see this style again.

A Major Guitar Chord Chart

The A major chord is constructed of the notes A, C# and E. We will cover notes later on in the lessons. For now, we are going to make chords without the knowledge of the individual notes themselves. There is a red dot showing the place of the sixth string in the diagram to the right (top right corner).

The red dot means that you should not play that string. This means that every string is played in the A major chord except the sixth. The picture below shows the A major chord being played. The A major chord and scale are derived from the C major chord and scale. Listen below to the C major chord being played.

Listen to the C Major Chord:
If the buttons do not play, just refresh the page.

A major chord being played

Make sure you position each finger with the utmost care. Also remember to place each finger directly behind the fret. You can see this being done in the picture shown here. Next, pluck the strings one by one. Make sure each string has a clear crisp sound. You want a good strong sound. Not a buzzing or a muffled effect. Click here for more information on playing the guitar. Guitar Equalizer >>

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