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Fretting the Guitar

The Proper Way to Play Guitar

When you are playing the guitar, use the fingers on your left hand to press down hard on the strings of the fret board. Then, use your right hand to strum or pluck the strings at the bridge end of the guitar. When you use your left hand to press down on the strings of the fret board, that is called fretting the guitar. Here are some key concepts to know when doing this.

Absolutely make sure that you have short fingernails. First of all, having long finger nails is gross, unless you are a woman. Next, make sure that you only use the tips of your fingers to press the strings; only the tips of your fingers. When you make a chord, be sure that each fingertip is placed directly behind the fret. This will be covered later. Last but not least, make sure that each string is ringing clearly. This just means to look out for a buzzing or muted sound. You want crisp clear sound people.

I am telling you right now. As a beginner guitarist, it will hurt your fingers to play, or rather, to play properly. This is perfectly normal. Every single guitar player must go through this so do not feel discouraged. As time goes on, you will start to develop hard skin on your fingertips and will no longer feel any pain. You go get them, tough guy. We are going to talk about holding the pick next. You will want to position the pick between your index fingers and your thumb. Holding The Guitar Pick

Right about now is a good time for a break. So far so good, yes? You have or should have learned some of the basics by now. Next, we are going to cover chords and after this lesson, you should know the major A chord. How cool is that? Also, please don't forget, if you want the ultimate learn to play guitar package, please visit this site right here. Ok, let's get back to some learning.

Right then, your aim for this site is to conquer the A and D major guitar chords. You are also going to intoduce yourself to reading guitar tablature. This lessons is crucial to understand. Take your time and do it right. It is also fun, so please, focus, and let us begin.

The first thing you should know about chords, reading guitar tablature, fretting the guitar, or anything else, is that practice is key. You also want to practice for a little bit, multiple times throughout the week, as opposed to once a week. What is the reasoning for this? Well the brain works better Frets of the Guitarwith information in small chunks over a period of time. It doesn't do as well with a large amount of information in a short period of time. An exception to this rule is studying for those college exams. A perfect example of this is phone numbers. Why are phone numbers only seven digits long? Any more than seven digits and most people would not be able to remember it properly. More information on effectively learning the guitar can be found here.

I want you to have a look at the picture of the guitar neck here. Take a note of the important features listed. Do you have them all? Good, let us continue then.

Frets are one of the biggest components in the makeup of the guitar. The neck of the guitar is divided into these things we call frets. They make a fret board when all put together. Most guitars will have somewhere around twenty or so frets. Each string on the guitar is numbered (well not really but look at the picture here). When you are holding the guitar in a casual position, the first string is at the bottom and the sixth string is at the top. Playing in a Band >>

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