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A guitar band that is successful is more than just a few good friends on instruments. The success of a band depends on a whole bunch of factors. I am going to go through the key points in what a band must do to remain and become successful. Motivation is a key factor. Another good point to mention is consistency.

Guitar Band in Concert

Your band has to have the proper direction. This same principle applies to everything in life. If you drive a car with no plan of getting somewhere, you are not going to get to your destination. Everything in life needs a plan. Your band should have a plan. Before anyone in the groups starts to play an instrument, you should all talk about the direction of the band. Talk about where you want your group to head and what you want to accomplish together.

What kind of direction can you take? Have you ever heard of the expression 60/40? A 60/40 band will play sixty percent of one kind of music versus forty percent of another kind. These types of bands normally play at a city or local level and their fame if you will, is limited. Your band could also aim to produce your own music and recordings. This is probably your best bet, although you will not make good money until you are well known.

I suggest to start off with the 60/40 group though. Why do I suggest this? I suggest this because it gives you experience. There is nothing more valuable in music than experience. You need experience playing different types of music if you want to succeed. You can't just play one type of song and expect to become a major hit worldwide. Have your band decide on the number of instruments and what type of music you all want to start with.

Choosing a style of music that everyone enjoys can be a difficult one. Although, you and your friends probably already have the same taste of music. You are going to want to listen to other groups which have played live to get a feel for yourself. Stick to your intuitions and play that type of music you have decided on. Trust me, getting anywhere takes time. Whether it be a professional athlete, stock broker, or rocker. You need to keep to your plan even if all seems lost.

There are two parts to any band or group. There are lead sections and then there are rhythm sections. The rhythm section provides the beat for your song. They are the metronome of the group, the heart beat. Which section are you going to be in? Talk with your band members to decide on who is doing what. There are very few bands that have a drummer in the lead section, so you should put that instrument in the rhythm section if you have a drummer.

The lead section includes the vocalist and the lead guitarist. This is a normal setup anyways. You can choose to variate to suit your own needs. Perhaps you could even include a keyboardist. This part of the group normally has a different mind set than the rhythm section. Rhythm is very repetitive and can be hard to play for a long song. Each guitar band member must do their job and stick to their guns. If just one person fails, you all fail. Together you form a song, not individually.

If you are really serious about getting somehwere, practice. I cannot stress enough that practice makes "perfect". Spend a lot of time on rehearsal. I suggest 40 minutes to 1 hour about 3 times a week. This is a good time frame to start with. Bands often breakup over commitments. Make sure you all have the time to practice and work together. This does not have to be a chore. Practicing guitar and jamming is really fun.

Rehearsing your songs is extremely important. However, rehearsing in front of a crowd is 20 times better for you and the band. This gives you real experience playing in front of a live audience and allows you to adjust your mindset. Practice playing in front of friends as much as you can. You will not regret it.

The band is not everything though. You are going to have to practice on your own time as well. It is your responsibility to give the band your all. If everyone does their part, you have an awesome band. There is normally one or two members who never give it their all. Can you trust your friends? If you all do what you intend too, then you will have no problems. Good luck to you all and keep on jamming.
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